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15:30—17:30 BST
Wed 23 Sep 2020

DATA PERSONALISATION: Knowing me, Knowing you: How is data personalisation transforming customer experiences?

An interactive debate on how data personalisation is changing the way we make decisions – and what this looks like in a post-Covid world.

Join always possible, The University of Brighton and very special guests for a roundtable discussion on how data personalisation has been driving innovation in the experience economy across culture, leisure, retail and tourism.

What data is being used to determine who we are, what we do and how we want to experience the world? Can the face-to-face social industries hardest hit by global lockdowns – travel, tourism, culture, hospitality and high street retail – better use customer data to drive economic recovery and innovation? How personalised should we expect our experienced to be, and what evolutions in technology are making it possible? What are the challenges around personalisation?

Join this roundtable to learn more about how organisations are innovating and experimenting with data personalisation.


always possible CEO, Richard Freeman, will be joined for an interactive round table by a panel of experts from tech, tourism, data science and marketing:

  • Pete Jenkins (Gamification+)
  • Professor Karen Cham (University of Brighton)
  • Dr Sam Knowles (Insights Agents)
  • Jo Williams (Experience West Sussex)

Each panelist is invited to give a 10 minute 'lightning talk' on their work and perspective on the question. These do not need to be formal presentations - and can be provocations, case studies, questions or statements - Richard will then facilitate a conversation with the panel, before opening it up to the audience.

Don't worry if you missed this, you can watch the recording of the webinar here.