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09:30—11:30 BST
Wed 7 Oct 2020

DATA PLACES: How can Brighton use visitor data for renewal and recovery?

An interactive webinar on how an ambitious seaside city like Brighton & Hove is using visitor data in new ways.

Brighton could have lost £100m from its local economy this summer generated by its estimated 11m visitors a year, many from overseas. So what do we know about those who were able to safely make it, and how have shops, restuarants, venues, and hospitality made them feel welcome?

On the Smart City UK leaderboard, Brighton & Hove is ranked 6th, beating far bigger and better-resourced places – has this helped the city weather the storm? And how do small businesses benefit from visitor insights when creating their own value?

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Gavin Stewart is Executive Director of the Brighton & Hove Economic Partnership, and CEO of Brilliant Brighton – the city’s Business Improvement District. For nearly a decade, Gavin has been at the forefront of growing Brighton’s experience and retail economy. He will give a presentation followed by a Q&A.

Don't worry if you missed this, you can watch the recording of the webinar here.