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11:00—13:00 BST
Wed 7 Aug 2019

Experiencing Data

Experiencing Data

Can data make us better?

Humans are now seen by many as walking, talking data-sets. For some this is terrifying; for others this is the future of technology helping us to be more human.

The DRIVA arts DRIVA project is unlocking sets of unique, real-time big data and helping tech innovators to build from it and arts practitioners to create experiences from it.

In this free event, Sarah Ticho, founder and CEO of virtual reality developer Hatsumi, will explain how she is pushing data-driven innovation to the boundaries of healthcare potential. And how the use of the data created by our bodies could revolutionise treatment, recovery and and how we cope with pain.

This will be a talk and a practical workshop for anyone interested in the potential of data when its insights help us to live better lives.

Also hear from University of Brighton experts and other project partners about how DRIVA arts DRIVA can help you open up unprecedented opportunities.


Sarah Ticho - Founder and CEO, Hatsumi

Sarah has spent her career working across the interdisciplinary arts, academia, healthcare and technology as a producer, curator, artist and researcher. Sarah has worked with organisations including the NHS, Immerse UK, The Institution of Engineering and Technology, YouTube VR Creators Lab, Lighthouse Arts, The School of Life, TEDxSydney and The Big Anxiety Festival. She has undertaken academic research with The University of New South Wales, Australia and Stanford University, California before founding Hatsumi in February 2018.