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11:00—17:00 BST
Fri 11—Sat 26 Oct 2019

Desire Lines - an Arts DRIVA exhibition

The exhibition will run from 12 - 27 October (10:00 - 17:00) except for the 14th October.

Desire Lines is an exhibition and events programme co-curated by Laurence Hill (BDF) and Donna Close (UoB) in association with Lighthouse.

Taking data as a starting point and thinking about travel, movement and mapping, the exhibition explores the use of transport data to make visible hidden infrastructures. It explores data as material and data as a portal into other worlds either real or imagined. It investigates how data maps or moves people through space and the very human need for desire lines, those paths made by people unwilling to be guided by architects and the planners of ‘smart’ cities.

The exhibition and events programme explores how artists and creative practice working with technology can unlock innovation to produce new creative products and experiences that have value and impact.

Desire Lines is an outcome of the DRIVA arts DRIVA project led by the University of Brighton, which is investigating the opportunities that arise when a key organisation (Gatwick Airport) releases its data to SMEs and artists.