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08:30—10:30 BST
Wed 24 Jul 2019

Creating Value From Data

This event is postponed - a new date will be announced shortly.

Creating Value From Data

Turning data into economic, social, cultural and aesthetic value

Extracting value from data is fast becoming as critical a skill as being able to read and write - yet, the skillset needed to this at scale still seems to be concentrated to a few people.

In the digital age, machine learning, articifical intelligence and satellite technology are transforming the way data drives everyday human experiences - in business, in sustainability, in our domestic lives and in the infrastructure around us. So how do we unlock the tools to driva that insight from big data, and what value are we left with from that insight?

The DRIVA arts DRIVA project is unlocking sets of unique, real-time big data and helping tech innovators to build from it and arts practitioners to create experiences from it.

In this free event, explore how AI, machine learning and satellite technology are now every day tools for entreprenuers and creative practitioners who want to create value from data.


Dr Philip Rooney - Chief Executive Office, Data Javelin

Dr Rooney has developed astronomical image processing pipeline for the XMM Cluster Survey (XCS), a serendipitous X-ray galaxy cluster survey and has since gone on to use his data analysis expertise to create predictive models, helping GPs identify patients at high risk of Dementia

Colin Hayhurst - Chief Commercial Officer, Data Javelin

Colin has over 25 years of experience developing and commercialising software products based on cutting-edge R&D. He has co-founded two technology companies and achieved two successful exits to NASDAQ companies. He is a Y Combinator alumnus and has supported numerous technology startups and spin-outs in the private and university sectors since 2005

Katherine Courtney - former CEO, UK Space Agency / Founder, SpaceSouth

Katherine Courtney provides Board level strategic advice, helping innovative tech businesses start strong and scale. She’s the founder of SpaceSouth – an initiative to grow the South Coast space economy – and PrimarySpace – building STEM engagement for primary schools.

In Katherine’s early career, she developed new ventures for C&W, BT and a series of international start-ups. She then led several landmark tech-enabled UK Government programmes. She’s a former CEO of the UK Space Agency, where she opened the UK market to commercial Satellite launch and led €1.4bn investment in collaborative European space missions.

Additional speakers to announced shortly.