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Digital Research and Innovation Value Accelerator (DRIVA Arts DRIVA) supports creatives, technologists and entrepreneurs to collaborate and release value from Gatwick Airports big data by creating new products, services and experiences for the open market

Sign up now to our unique platform, share your interests, requirements and capabilities and the DRIVA smart matching engine will accelerate your progress through three stages of innovation - Explore, Spark and Fuse

Benefit from your personalised selection of profiles with complimentary skills, curated events, technical workshops, software resources, research grade labs, world leading expertise, diverse opportunities and support, with much delivered on-demand

Level up your eligibility for bespoke innovation support, facilitated or remote access to the Gatwick live data stream and even a Superfused cash award

DRIVA Arts DRIVA is a £1.3m project across the Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership region

There is a bottleneck in the development of the digital economy: large organisations often cannot release value from their big data as it is costly, complex and time consuming and SMEs cannot innovate with big data as they cannot get access to it

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